For whatever reason celebrities have the urge to be multifaceted in this generation. no longer are you an actress, or recording artist but you are both, with a reality show, perfume fragrance and clothing line. Kanye West is no different. Known for not only his talent in the music industry but also for being a fashionable gentleman, who chose to create KW- a womenswear line which debuted only days ago during Paris fashion Week- no Kanye is not French... yes he should have chosen NY. But anyway, he had some of the seasons tip top models strut his collection with prestigious front row onlookers to judge his new project...

They were not impressed.

Long Nguyen: “There are wishes, and there are realities … I feel bad, actually, that there wasn’t anything to grab on to. But you can’t just dump some fox fur on a runway and call it luxury.”
Carine Roitfeld: “I’m sure he knows what he did wrong and what he did right … He tried hard, and he wants to learn.”
Joe Zee: “If you get it all right on the first shot, where do you go from there?”
Anna Wintour: “Ask someone else.”

Now, personally I do not hate it. It really isn't terrible- HOWEVER I'm sure he anticipates this brand to be on the high end price point and therefor, I would agree that it is not something I would save  my money for. 

Here are some photos. Thoughts?