Wearing: LuLaRoe Classic T, Lucy Skirt from my shop @LuLaRoeKelseyBWilliams,
Flannel from a few years back,
LipSense: One layer Purple Reign, 2 Layers Fuchsia + Pink Glitter Gloss

Getting dressed up, putting outfits together, styling photo shoots- those are my happy places. I always knew I wanted a career in fashion. I interned at Seventeen Magazine in college, ran on online publication, Twenty Something Magazine for a few years, but having a boutique wasn't something I pictured way back when. Why? I honestly have no clue- but it is amazing! Nothing could really be more "right up my alley" but do you know what makes it even cooler? My store is inside of my house! I pack it in my car and take it anywhere I want! I open it online- it can truly do any and everything I want it to! I can work 7 days a week or I can work 1! I can go on vacation and not ask my boss if it's ok! These clothes are modest which 21 year old me would be like who cares, but 30 year old mom of two crazy, constantly moving toddlers totally appreciates it! I love how the culture of LuLaRoe is all inclusive! I sell kids 2t-14 and women 00-24! My store is for practically everyone and that is what makes me the happiest!! These clothes encourage confidence- be it that you are trying a new style and feeling fab, or maybe you are stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something brighter colored or mixing your prints and patterns. There are no rules here, just one huge shopping club! 

When I started this business I just needed something for ME! Not for the wife me, or the mom me- just regular me! I wanted an excuse to get dressed, to talk to new people, the make some fun money and get out of the house a night or two a week. Well it provided me that instantly! But what I wasn't expecting were these incredible friendships with my team, I wasn't expecting this crazy drive to rock my business every single day, this desire to be a better leader and help those consultants who trust me to be their sponsor. My initial goals were so small- 6 months later they are HUGE and guess what else... totally reachable!! Playing dress up and helping my customers do the same is my job! How cool is that?! Want to learn more about this opportunity? Check out "JOIN MY TEAM" up top or shoot me an email! I would love nothing more than to help you change your life in the most amazing way! It's about so much more than clothes!