Piper girl is 7 months old. I haven't had a blog post since she was 2 weeks old because she keeps me busy busy busy. Funny how many things pre-baby I would have never thought of and now I can't imagine life without. Example: changing tables in public spaces. A few of my regular spots need to up their game because Piper tries to go into a full backbend when I have to change her on my lap... STARBUCKS. Another example- the handicap button to open doors while pushing a stroller. Also, who knew you could function on 4 hours of sleep- wow. Piper was doing so good sleeping in her own bed for about a week. Now she tries to climb right out of it at 3am. Or what about touching poop like it's normal or getting thrown up on and not even changing clothes... It's actually all kind of funny when you think about it. I get fish hooked or jabbed in the eye and it just puts the biggest smile on my face. And I love hearing all of the silly things Cole says to her. She gets so excited to see him when he comes home, and I love how she recognizes our voices. She will be crawling any day now and walking soon too I bet! This little girl is special!

Thank you Melissa Cosper for these pictures of my chubby girl!