Rutabaga anyone? After a google image search to find out what that even is, I've learned that my baby is now the size of what looks like a large, dirty onion- much different from last weeks corn. These apps and their descriptions are certainly something else!

We are officially at the 25 week mark and starting the conclusion of the second trimester. I remember my 20 week belly feeling so big. It truly is amazing how much things change in one short month. Looking back at that picture I look so small.

20 weeks
25 weeks
I can't explain what happened, but week 24 brought on full blown pregnancy. Sitting and laying down are uncomfortable and that's nothing compared to this 3 hour plane ride I'm on right now as I type this. My Dr. Said I could fly up to 34 weeks but I'll just go ahead and say no thanks! Especially after sitting every leg of my trip in the middle seat squished between my dad and Cole (two thumbs down). 

25 weeks
With Week 24 I have now also welcomed some quite chubby cheeks. I refuse to accept that it's from my new lifestyle of a "sno cone a day..." I'll just hide my face from the cameras until I get these bad boys under control.

Hard to believe we only have 15 weeks left until our Piper makes her big debut! (Piper Cash Williams) We are scheduling showers, making registries, figuring out when and which baby classes to go to and most importantly I'd say, filling her closet full of adorable clothes, shoes, socks and hair bows ;) Sure we haven't got a crib mattress yet but she already has her silver metallic hip hop sneakers ready to go!

Giraffe from Funky Monkey Boutique in Edmond, OK
I hope she likes pink
She is constantly dancing around, so much so that I wonder if she is practicing a kick line or some serious break dancing moves. Anytime Cole tries to catch her in the act, she stops- which always makes me laugh. It seems like her personality is already showing. 

Speaking of Cole, he is already overprotective of his little princess- it makes me smile! He's going to be a great dad! 
Outfit is from Pretty's Boutique via Etsy 
I substituted a leopard bow instead of a plain one