Rounding out the conclusion of week 30, my baby app says we have 65 days to go- woah! 

We had our fancy ultrasound this week and got to see a more realistic view of our little human hibernating in my belly. I can't wait to cuddle with her. She's already so big, measuring about 4 weeks ahead and in the 87th percentile... (This might hurt) I think she's starting to get cramped because she is twisting all of my insides around! I had my first round of Braxton Hicks contractions a few nights ago. If they don't come back, I won't be mad!

I have been experiencing a little Acid Reflux and my Dr. said it's not just an old wives tail. Acid Reflux is a sign of hair on baby. Sure enough there it was!

Our baby preparation has excelled in great stride since my 25 week post. We have graduated from Baby Basics class, her nursery is so close to being complete (post to come when it's all done), we have a car seat and stroller (Chicco Cortina travel system) and I have my uber high tech breast pump all ready to go (Medela Pump in Style). Seems like we have the essentials just incase she decides she wants to come early. I have also been prepping my hospital bag and preparing our birth plan! Crazy- I'm about to be a mom!! This thought is a little scary to my mom and best friend :)

I got to do some maternity pics this week too- so here is a behind the scenes pic and a sneak at my growing bump!

I'm so excited for these next 9 weeks!