After completing baby classes, getting the nursery ready, collecting the essentials for our home and entering the full term phase :) I have gotten the hospital bags packed and last minute "to grab" lists made. Piper could surprise us anytime now so I have been trying to fix my hair more regularly just incase we have to rush to the hospital! I'm trying to avoid the "homeless chic, just left the gym, haven't showered in 3 days" look when she arrives and everyone's camera's are flashing.

Baby Basics Class
CPR Class
Breastfeeding Class
37 weeks

When packing I went ahead and planned for 4 days at the hospital and decided I would rather have too  much than not enough. Also, where we are delivering, the hospital requires the baby to wear a provided gown the entire stay for security reasons so I do not have to pack too much for baby other than cute accessories and what to come home in. I have opted to bring my nursing pillow, mostly for visitors who are nervous holding such a tiny little nugget. Some other items in my bag such as pads, lanolin cream and even the undies are also available at the hospital but I have heard mixed reviews about them so I figured I would come prepared in case they are undesirable. Crazy to think we are having a baby THIS MONTH!