Over the last 8 months I've learned some pretty valuable lessons about being a pregnant lady so I thought I would share them incase you ever end up also being a pregnant lady! 

1. Don't drink the virgin wine- it doesn't hit the spot like you hope it will

2. Just buy the maternity jeans- they are so much more comfortable than looping your pony tail holder around your button

3. Wear lipstick- if nothing else you feel prettier

4. Make someone squeeze you to pop your back regularly- it feels so good

5. Buy bigger sports bras- you can only suck it up for so long and squeezing into your mediums when you now need an XL becomes impossible

6. Keep doing your squats- I do mine while blow drying my hair

7. Clean out your closet at beginning of pregnancy-  by the end all of the maternity stuff you have acquired over the last 9 months can fit in your closet.

8. Make one of your friends get pregnant with you :)- now I know you can't really do that but it's fun to share and compare all of your changes.

9. Going up a 1/2 size in your running shoes will kind of change your life in the best way possible

10. Bath salts are your friend

Rounding out week 35!! 1 month to go