The 10th anniversary- which seems like a completely inappropriate term- of 9/11 happened yesterday. The memorial had a huge service, the lights were beaming tall in the area where there towers used to stand and everyone walk around saying God Bless America. It really was a cool day to be in New York. I  stayed in Brooklyn all day though because 1. It was rainyish and we felt lazy and 2. There were a few subway bomb threats that we would just rather not chance. I got some pretty cool photos of the scenery of the city from under the Brooklyn Bridge. We also went to the Brooklyn Flea Market and I really enjoyed myself. I love finding unique and obscure items and generally I don't mind the smell of vintage. I saw 3 different vintage Burberry trench coats, but all were much too big. More Brooklyn exploring took place, and I finally got to spend some time with the girls we are staying with. Kelley, Emily, Kristin and Lindsey. They all went to OU and 3 were Chi Omegas with me! Staying with them had been a fun reunion.

Today I am going to (well I want to try to go to) Central Park to see the huge high heel in the pond, attempting to stalk Patricia Field, visiting the Alexander McQueen exhibit, and there are a few fashion week events still up in the air as well. I'm also going to buy this pair of glasses I found the other day. I hope they are still there! 

I have my celebrity spotting eyes on today too, so keep those fingers crossed.