Earlier I made a list of things I wanted to do around the city today. Instead, I did none of them.
But it was a good thing, in fact, an amazing thing!!

First, I attended the
Factory by Erik Hart show at the Standard Hotel. Attending the show was exciting, but being at the Standard and in the environment was equally as special. First, I saw James Goldstein, who I have previously interviewed for Twenty Something Magazine. He is an NBA Superfan and fashion collector. He didn't see me though, we were in a rush. Then, in the lobby I saw the gorgeous Kelly Osborn. She wore completely rhinestoned Louboutin's with skinny jeans, a top and a yellow blazer. Her hair was super teased and she looked amazing. I definitely wanted to be her friend. I then went upstairs and enjoyed the spring collection, full of casual, creative separates in fabrics that look comfortable and wearable. The shapes were interesting and the colors were mainly blacks, tans, whites and teal with a splurt of hot pink toward the end. There were definitely a few pieces I would like to have.

As the show ended, I raced over 2 blocks to Milk Studios to see
Zero+Maria Carnejo. This show was filled with lots of fashion gurus. Reps from all major departments stores and editorials were present so it was a rush to be seated in the mix. The clothing was all bright and the mens suits were really original. An entire red suit paired with an orange shirt walked the runway. There were many amazing womens pants suits, black and even purple leather pieces and some color blocking and asian influences as well. This collection could be worn every day paired with flats as the designer showed or easily dressed up in heels and jewels. We saw Bill Cunningham at this show. Legendary Street Style photographer, the fashion photographer from the New York Times,

As we were leaving we were pushed into a room, unknowing where we were... Turns out it was the CFDA Eco Challenge awards presentation. What a wonderful suprise!! We were able to see Zanna Rassi from Marie Claire and designers of
Costello Tagliapietra, Robert Tagliapietra and Jeffrey Costello, who wear plaid shirts, jeans, have curved mustaches and bellys. They are the complete oopposite of what you imagine when you think of fashion week. It's perfect. They were also former winners of the Eco Challenge. So many other fashionable people were at the event, including the three winners who were awarded $25,000 each for their contribution in design with sustainable and green materials.

OH!! and I got stopped 3 different times to get my photo taken for street style! I was so excited!!! I still am.
Tomorrow, another great day awaits! I can't wait to tell you all about it .

Kelly Osborn at the Standard Hotel
Swag Bag from Zero + Maria Carnejo

Zero + Maria Carnejo
Models before Factory by Erik Hart

Factory by Erik Hart

loved the style in NY

Jeffrey Campbell of course

More photos in the October issue of Twenty Something Magazine...