Our gender reveal has come and gone and we are officially expecting a baby girl at the end of August.

Piper Cash Williams

As bad as Cole wanted a baby boy, a week later he's now excited to have himself a little princess to cuddle with. 

We invited our friends and family to guess whether or not they thought we were having a boy or girl and it was tied 11-11. Cole and I both voted it would be a boy and were both wrong. I was hoping it would be a girl but I figured since that's what I wanted it would be the opposite. 

I can't wait to make a little fashionista out of her and drive her dad crazy with tutus and bows and dance classes in our living room! 

Special thank you to my favorite, Bethany Young for taking all of these photos and Touies Design for the paper products and 1 smart cookie for the most delicious cookies!

18 weeks in this photo