16 weeks pregnant and officially wearing my fat pants- or really my newly acquired and totally awesome maternity jeans that I am considering continuing to wear post pregnancy. The baby bump is starting to show itself and the first trimester downers have seemed to simmer down. I'm feeling pretty good!

"Your baby is the size of an avacado" 

This is according to my iPhone app and that news just made me crave guacamole. So I got some... and kind of felt weirdly like I was eating my baby... But not weird enough to quit eating it.

This far along in my pregnancy- I had some expectations... I definitely thought (or maybe hoped) my tummy would get bigger sooner so people would be like "oh she's pregnant" instead of "oh... She let her self go" or something along those lines.

I didn't think about my hips... They are either sore from all that first trimester time I spent in bed sleeping off my sickness and dizzy spells or dun dun dun... Widening- which I guess is fine so my baby can be comfy but who knew how painful that could be- no one warned me about this!! I wonder if they will return to their starting position at a later date.

But what about this acne? #pregoprobs 
Last week at my check up my dr. called me out about it- to my face- thankfully she followed it up by a prescription (which I keep forgetting to fill) to clear this up. But before I made it to the pharmacy today,  I taught my 3-5 year old ballet classes and let me tell you NOTHING gets by the 4 year olds.

"What's wrong with your face?"
"Why does your face look like that"
"What happened to you?"
"Is your face ok?"

All of this on a day where I actually thought it looked much better! I told them I got a sunburn- they didn't know what that was so I just went with it. This is not the "pregnancy glow" I was expecting, that's for sure!

Kids are so funny! And honest. Brutally honest. I can't wait to meet mine.

Finding out if it's a lady or a gent next Friday!!!