Downtime at photo shoots can often times last for hours. During hair and make up I typically just sit around, checking my social networks, pinning things on Pinterest, or most often playing Solitare. But today, I got a very special surprise! Our make up artist brought a 3 year old girl and we made a day of it. The shoot was an inspired take on Cinderella, and Sydney (the cutest little 3 year old) even wore her Disney princess shirt, she was so excited.  We decided to play dress up out of my closet while we were waiting for the model to be ready. While none of our outfits ended up looking like the Disney princesses, she truly believed they did! I chose the outfits and she chose the shoes that matched! And we had a photo shoot! For me, it was probably the most fun shoot I've done ever! I can't wait to have a little girl of my own. I will make her do this every day!

First look: Cinderella (or what I think is a super fab movie star)

Second look: Snow White (we just played off of the red and black she wears)

Third look: Princess Frog (green with neon green shoes)

Last look: Jazmine (wearing blue of course)

She loved playing with my doggies- she kept saying "the puppies sure do love playing with me"
Then as any 3 year old would. She got tired of the dress up and just wanted to play in the water.