Wearing: LuLaRoe Carly Dress and Sarah Sweater.
LipSense Fuchsia + Glossy Gloss
Piper is wearing: LuLaRoe Gracie top and Leggings. Boots are Old Navy

Right now, the top leaders in LuLaRoe are in California at a conference learning how to Be the Light. I am not there- but sure hope to soar that high soon- but I can only assume how Be the Light is to be interpreted. But it totally inspired me. I work my business from home and my girls are always home too. I try to work when Daphne naps but this little monster Piper is always wanting to help me! She will model for me, help me fold clothes (by unfolding them and making me redo it) she totally understands when shoppers are there, makes frequent appearances in my live videos, trying on every shade of lipstick- she is always watching, always learning and what more can I hope for myself as her mom than to Be the Light for her and her sis? These girls are the best gift I have ever received. I hope to shine sincere and thoughtful qualities on them to help them grow up to be kind, passionate, brave, loving women. Parenting is the greatest and toughest task I have ever experienced but there isn't one second that isn't worth every minute of missed sleep!