Sweater: MINK PINK (Purchased at Lucca) Jeans: Express Shoes: 80/20 (Purchased at Heirloom Shoes)
Necklace: Forever 21 Lipstick: Rebel by Mac Phone Cover: J. Crew
I love the idea of bright colored denim. These jeans are royal blue. Also this is my second best cold season sweater purchase. I am in love!!!! I got it a size bigger for the oversized look and feel. So comfy and still pulls off a stylish and put together look. Love these shoes as well. Comfy sneaker with a hidden wedge. I wanted to show you guys my phone cover- folks are always asking where I got it! 
Now you know (J. Crew). P.S. Excuse my laundry- I'm in the middle of folding- :)