Jacket: BCBG Shirt: Vintage- Purchased at Bohemian Spirit Vintage in OKC Jeans: BCBG
Jeffery Campbell Ring: Vintage- My Great Grandma's
Long, long ago, when I was just a little girl, dance teachers and coaches alike decided that since their work attire consists of baggy sweats and t-shirts, dance competitions were the chance to show off the latest items in the closet. An excuse to get dressed up. Now that I myself am a teacher- I say now as if it's new... I've been at this for 7 ish years - but I see no reason not to go along with the time withstanding tradition. So this evening I am attending night one of the OSDTDA competition- aka Oklahoma Pom State. My girls will be competing solos and small groups and its pretty stress free. I will sit with the parents in the crowd, cheer on my girls- and make sure they stay focused for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the all important team competition day and we have a 3x State Championship title to defend. I haven't decided what I will wear yet. I have at least narrowed it down to 2 shoe choices. Check back to see what I decided and wish us luck!

I am also hoping to have a date night downtown and see the enormous Christmas tree and lights. I just love Christmas lights. It is a guaranteed instant smile when I happen upon them!