Fashion is consistent in that it is ever evolving, changing, repeating, exploring. Style gives us the freedom to change right along with it as we please, or hold tight to what we enjoy most. 
This coffee table book was one of my most favorite Christmas presents this year!

I am enjoying my life and the changes that come with aging. I am approaching my 27th birthday and I realize my style is maturing, something I never planned for but just grew into. I have gone from being a Marc Jacobs loving, Jeffrey Campbell obsessed, Alice and Olivia inspired "early-mid twenties" year old. Now I find myself hoarding coffee table books, appreciating lower hemlines and being so over the sheer shirt phase that doesn't seem to go away. Granted my husband has requested a more conservative way of dress, I am turning into more of a Kate Spade girl, and while I do not find myself ever loving a kitten heel, I no longer insist on an enormous platform with every outfit. I love color, mixing and matching of prints all while adding a bit of reserve. I do still enjoy a spike or stud, but I am enjoying the method of reinventing my closet.

What brands or styles will you be flaunting in 2014?