If I didn't already know how awesome the people in my life are, it is absolutely for certain now. We were thrown two fabulous baby showers and spoiled completely rotten with gadgets and toys and clothes! I truly still can't believe how little we have had to purchase on our own because of everyone's generousity- wow!! Thank you all!!

Plus how fun are baby showers where everything in sight is pink and screams PIPER IS ALMOST HERE!! 

We are under 50 days now! About 7 weeks to go. I remember how excited I was just being 7 weeks pregnant and now that's all we have left until we get to meet her! She has plenty of bows and shoes, we may never repeat!! Now we are trying to decide which she should wear first!

Thank you Southmoore Pom- especially Daylee & Mrs. Hunter, the lovely Pinard ladies , Lil and Meg for being such incredible hostesses! 

Baby is the size of a pineapple! 33 weeks.