Today I woke up early to pack my suitcase (cases) to come to Austin and enjoy their Fashion Week festivities. Its a 6ish hour drive so I jammed out to some of my favorite local artists (Other Lives, Denver Duncan, The Black Keys) on the drive with Bethany and Lydia. We stopped in Ft. Worth at Joe T Garcia's and it was super cute- as was the famous margarita on the rocks. Once in Austin, we arrived at our Manhattan themed condo- aka sweetest new home for the week. We all unpacked and hit the town in search of none other than food. We ended up on 6th st at Iron Cactus then cruised Congress St.

I'll be posting daily updates so stay tuned! We are going to see the bats on Tuesday!

Now I am in bed searching for a free downloadable version of Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls- I am having awful luck. and why is it $69.99 on Amazon???