After a late night and a day of traveling, day 4 and 5 are indeed late- and combined. But there are no rules in this blogosphere so it is what it is.

Day 4 was spent sleeping in... on accident. I can sleep and sleep and sleep and I didn't set an alarm so I did just that. After rolling out of bed I put on my grandma's dress, high bun and flats (no photo) and we headed toward UT- not to support the longhorns in anyway, but to go to Buffalo exchange where I snagged a pair of vintage Fendi heels!! 

We also met hat designer Anne Moore. She was a diva, rude and well just rude. It made for many laughs and lots of confusion. Needless to say we did not buy one of her hats. 

The most fun part of the entire trip occurred on night 4, involving a rented bunny costume.
"Keep Austin Weird" is the slogan used all around town and to truly document this for Twenty Something Magazine- we really turned it up a notch. I dressed as "Bunny the Bunny" for the night. She is fabulous in heels, jewels and satin gloves. She loves music, people and dancing. Bunny loves Austin as well.
video to come...

Day 5 we came home. My bag was too heavy so I had to repack it. 
And I found this baby sized Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader uniform. I died!