Oh Austin, my third day here has yet to bring disappointment- I just love you.

This post comes in segments so we shall start from the beginning.

Morning: I was asleep. And then I had a blueberry muffin.

Afternoon: Photo shoot with Austin based clothing company 81 Poppies. She creates all of the patterns and prints herself. She is also a designer showing here at Austin Fashion Week on Saturday night.

Later in the Afternoon: We met up with The Bright Light Social Hour. This band was so stinking hilarious. They all have long hair. They tell jokes. and most importantly they play good music.

Lunch Time: Stopped into this "hole in the wall" grocery store type place. Royal- something. And I ordered a veggie grilled cheese and let me tell you- It was delicious. I will order just about anything with artichoke hearts on it. This was no exception. By now- the feet were hurting, Bethany even had a blister. So we had rest time back at the condo.

makes me laugh

Not Quite Dinner Time: We changed the shoes (well they did, I was smart and wore comfy ones all day) and headed to Guadelupe st and checked out their Urban Outfitters. This segment shows some of the things I really wanted at Urban, but instead was a good girl and only got one thing (A RED BLAZER- yes please!) After Urban, we finally took the boat ride under the bridge to see all of the nearly 2 million bats fly out. It really was a ton of bats!!!

Dinner: Finally dinner- I can't remember the name of it but it was really good sushi! I ordered the "Bagel" roll and it was topped with strawberry's- and kind of tasted like what they might serve up in Heaven. just so so good. He actually made me the "Blake" roll instead so we got to try both! We appreciated the mix up. Then we went next door to Frank (hotdogscoldbeer.com) and listened to musician Erin Ivey play. She was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that might not be enough punctuation.

Bed Time: This is now! So here is what I wore today!

Black Shorts with tan hearts on the butt: Ark and Co. purchased at Lucca
Sheer Leopard blouse with tie front: purchased at Nasty Gal Clothing
Black Jazz Shoe style Oxfords: Target