My flight leaves OKC in 4.5 hours and I have decided to just stay up instead of sleep. I have no good reason for this but, it is what it is. Packing for rainy NYC during Fashion Week is kind of tricky because 1. You obviously want to look fierce but 2. The puddles in the streets will most likely come up to at least your ankles. Also 3. I have all of these awesome shoes I want to wear/ bring but a. like I said, Rain and b. I will be walking and standing in line and more walking or running or stalking for most likely 20 hours per day. So as you can see I had some dilemmas to deal with, not to mention I don't own a rain coat or boots... I will be in New York for 6 days. So I pre-planned my outfits to pack only what I needed and leave enough room in my suitcase for the obvious purchases I will incur and also to avoid them causing me another over weight suitcase fiasco that was Austin Fashion Week. But here are a few things I told myself Do/Do Not Bring!

1. BRING My brown leather back pack purse. I will need this for my camera, note taking utensils, cell phone and charger, money and my change of shoes-duh. I plan to walk in my comfy flats and at the perfect moment change them to something more appropriate for the occasion.

2. BRING My tan low heeled cowboy- ish boots that really aren't cowboy at all. The are comfortable for the most part, casual yet dressy and go with every outfit. EVERY outfit- it's kind of weird.

3. DO NOT BRING- my new pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes because they are too fabulous to mess up in the rain- and I already had 8 pairs of shoes packed and Brett said that was too many.

4. BRING My packages of instant oatmeal... random but 1. Gotta be skinny, because Thunder Girls swim suit calendar photo shoot is two weeks from Sunday and 2. I want to spend money on clothes- not food, so I figure I'll bring my own.

5. BRING leopard print. Doesn't matter what just bring it because I love it. I ended up packing a bracelet, some flats and a cardigan.

6.DO NOT BRING Anything you might not wear. Usually I am an overpacker but my bag already weighs 42.5 pounds and I intend to shop. and will there for need that extra room to fill those 7.5 pounds! I'm actually being responsible!

7. BRING computer- I must update my blog.

8. BRING two pairs of shoes for each outfit... some are reoccurring. It is actually a little tricky to match flats and heels with the same outfit. Especially when one is an orange skirt. (I did it though...)

9. BRING Umbrella and raincoat- yes those were on the list but I was unsuccessful. I'm going to have to buy the stupid items when I arrive. Check 1 and 2 off of the list of purchases that took away from a much better more interesting NYC souvenir. I'm sure the list will grow.

10. BRING deodorant :)

I am going to be on the look out for some pants like this. And I might even sport this hair one day, maybe.
Wish me luck!