The day has finally arrived. I can smell the dirty folks on the subway and feel the pain in my feet. I have purchased my subway card and even knocked a man's CD player out of his hand (on accident). But I can't help myself... I love this city. Everywhere I look the people are unique, original, and appear so fearless. I'm staying in Brooklyn for the week with some good friends from OU and Chi O. I've never seen this part of town, but Williamsburg is surprisingly super cute. I think I was brainwashed from Sex and the City to think that Brooklyn was not the place to be... But actually it is.

Today was a travel day. Airports, airplanes, taxis, trains, subways, checking out shops, where to eat and where to see the fashion for the rest of the week here. I can already tell some exciting things are in store. Tune in each day. Take a look at my day in pictures!