For Christmas this year my grandpa- Papa Clayton got me a very very special gift. This was something I had been wanting to get for myself for quite sometime but needed to wait for the absolute perfect find before making the purchase. I wanted a ring with an emerald stone to wear on a daily basis in loving memory of my brother Jason. His birthstone is an emerald. When telling my grandpa about it- he surprised me by generously and lovingly offering to get it for me. In return I wanted to try to do something equally as special and gift him with something he could also keep forever and provide him with sentiments of not only my brother but of our family and also of his mother- whom he lost just months after we lost Jason in 2010.

I raided her closet not long ago and found out that she really had a pretty great style. I got some jackets, gloves and an amazing dress. I wish I had been able to know her in her younger days when she wore these items! I decided to put together a small photoshoot in these items and combine the photos with others of her and our family in a book for him. He loved it as much as I love my ring. My grandma (Papa Sue) and grandpa are two of the most fun and youthful grandparents around! I love them so very much!

Here are some photos from the book. Thank you to Clifton Roberts for the photography help on this project.