Now, Old Navy is not generally on my list of must hit stores when popping around town, but I was bored and there it was, so I went in. Much to my surprise, I instantly became giddy seeing a much less expensive version of not just one, but two J. Crew sweaters I had eye balled on my last visit. Like any little girl trapped in a 25 year olds body, I love polka dots and hearts, so it's no coincidence that these sweaters were at the top of my Fall Must Haves list... Or at least their end of season, on clearance version. I just don't think I love a polka dot sweater enough to sacrifice all of the other things I could get for $300. The same goes for the $90 heart sweater.

So as you can see the $26 Old Navy sweaters are even that much better now knowing what a steal they are!!

I got the camel with black polka dots and the grey with pink heart, but what is even better is that they had a few other color options to choose from, suiting many different individual preferences!

So the lesson here is go to J. Crew, ooh and ahh over every single stinking adorable thing they have, because really it is so cute, then decide if you want to shell out the cash... If you do, fierce. If not, Old Navy might have it!