After yesterday's successful pillow making I woke up this morning anxious to work on my own! To start off I wanted to make another pillow using the black and white fabric I already purchased. I decided to make this pillow in a larger, more rectangular shape. I was doing great, one side sewn. Then my needle came unthreaded. No problem, rethread needle. Begin to sew. For some reason my machine isn't acting the way it should. Making a loud noise and making a birds nest out of my thread. I call Debra. Try some things. No luck. I google, try some things. No luck. I call Hancocks fabric where I purchased my machine and turns out I skipped step 4/5 when threading my needle. I'm clearly a beginner. Now I'm back to sewing up my masterpieces... Pillow number one complete!

I decide now to try to make a cover fora brown pillow that doesn't match. I sew 3 sides of the pillow case and insert the brown pillow. No, I some how have to sew the fourth side with the pillow inside of the case... I wasn't very good at that. But I laughed and put it on my couch in the corner hiding the sketchy side :)

I now have left over fabric and decode to try to make a bag/clutch with a flap. I didn't line the fabric with anything do it is very flimsy. My bag turned out super cute but I don't really think I can use it for anything. Maybe I can put my Kindle Fire and charger in it or something.

I can't wait until my next lesson Thursday. Until then, I'll just be winging it!